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Lindsey Fitzharris


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Lindsey Fitzharris is an author, medical historian, and television host. She is the creator of the popular blog, The Chirurgeon's Apprentice; and the writer and host of the TV series The Curious Life and Death Of... on the Smithsonian Channel.
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The Gilded Edge
Two Audacious Women and the Cyanide Love Triangle That Shook America
Catherine Prendergast - Oct 05, 2021
Astonishingly well written, painstakingly researched, and set in the evocative locations of earthquake-ravaged San Francisco and the Monterey Peninsula, the true story of two women--a wife and a poet--who learn the high price of sexual and artistic freedom in a vivid depiction of the debauchery of the late Gilded AgeNora May French and Carrie Sterl...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Apr 30, 2021
@cjp_still Well deserved! A brilliant book!      source
Pet Sematary
Stephen King - Dec 04, 2018 (first published in 1983)
Goodreads Rating
When Dr. Louis Creed takes a new job and moves his family to the idyllic rural town of Ludlow, Maine, this new beginning seems too good to be true. Despite Ludlow’s tranquility, an undercurrent of danger exists here. Those trucks on the road outside the Creed’s beautiful old home travel by just a little too quickly, for one thing…as is evidenced by...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Apr 03, 2021
I'm watching an old interview with Stephen King. The first horror book I ever read was Pet Sematary and it had a lasting impact on me. Say what you want about King, but he tells a damn good story. What's your favorite? My husband @TealCartoons drew this caricature of him for me.      source
The Knife Man
Blood, Body Snatching, and the Birth of Modern Surgery
Wendy Moore - Sep 12, 2006 (first published in 2005)
Goodreads Rating
In an era when bloodletting was considered a cure for everything from colds to smallpox, surgeon John Hunter was a medical innovator, an eccentric, and the person to whom anyone who has ever had surgery probably owes his or her life. In this sensational and macabre story, we meet the surgeon who counted not only luminaries Benjamin Franklin, Lord B...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Feb 06, 2021
@TNellster @MonicaAnnWalker @OldOpTheatre Great questions! Will you be attending the event? I hope so! Awesome that you are a descendant of John Hunter. Have you read @wendymoore99's excellent book, THE KNIFE MAN?      source
Faces from the Front
Harold Gillies, The Queen’s Hospital, Sidcup and the origins of modern plastic surgery
Andrew Bamji - Oct 19, 2017
Goodreads Rating
Faces from the Front examines the British response to the huge number of soldiers who incurred facial injuries during the First World War. These injuries were produced within a short time span, but (for the first time in a major conflict) did not necessarily lead to death due to developments in anesthesia and improvements in the treatment of infect...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Jan 23, 2021
@PippyG82 He wrote an excellent book called Faces from the Front. It's rather academic though - and mine will be narrative nonfiction (reads more like a novel). So hopefully you'll feel it is a different slant on a familiar subject.      source
By E R Mayhew The Reconstruction of Warriors
Archibald McIndoe,the Royal Air Force and the Guinea Pig Club (First) [Hardcover]
Dec 17, 2005
Will be shipped from US. Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include CDs or access codes. 100% money back guarantee....
Lindsey Fitzharris
Jan 23, 2021
@lives_of_riley That's a wonderful book, but focuses on WWII. Mine will focus on WWI so hopefully be a different slant on a familiar topic for you!      source
The Mütter Museum
A Junior Guide’s Tour of America’s Coolest Medical Museum
Anna Dhody - Jul 28, 2020
Goodreads Rating
Join A.J., the M�tter Museum's junior guide, on a tour of the world's best-known medical museum. A.J. will take you on a fun and educational adventure through the M�tter's amazing collection of unique medical specimens and objects. Accompanied by playful illustrations, this look at medical marvels and mysteries will enthrall and inform science love...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Dec 12, 2020
THE MUTTER MUSEUM The @MutterMuseum is one of the strangest medical museums in the world, featuring oddities like a "giant megacolon." And now @muttercurator has written a children's book about this weird & wonderful collection. A fun read for all ages!      source
Medical Downfall of the Tudors
Sex, Reproduction & Succession
Sylvia Barbara Soberton - Oct 14, 2020
Goodreads Rating
The Tudor dynasty died out because there was no heir of Elizabeth I’s body to succeed her. Henry VIII, despite his six marriages, had produced no legitimate son who would live into old age. Three of the reigning Tudors (Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I) died without heirs apparent, the most tragic case being that of Mary Tudor, who went through tw...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Dec 12, 2020
MEDICAL DOWNFALL OF THE TUDORS The Tudor dynasty died out because there was no heir of Elizabeth I’s body to succeed her. Henry VIII, despite his six marriages, had produced no legitimate son who would live into old age. @SylviaBSo looks at the medical downfall of the Tudors.      source
Dark Archives
A Librarian's Investigation into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin
Megan Rosenbloom - Oct 20, 2020
Goodreads Rating
On bookshelves around the world, surrounded by ordinary books bound in paper and leather, rest other volumes of a distinctly strange and grisly sort: those bound in human skin. Would you know one if you held it in your hand?In Dark Archives, Megan Rosenbloom seeks out the historic and scientific truths behind anthropodermic bibliopegy—the practice ...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Dec 12, 2020
DARK ARCHIVES Medical librarian @LibraryatNight is the perfect guide into a dark world populated by Victorian criminals, bodysnatchers, & anatomists--all of whom contributed to the gruesome art of binding books with human skin. Meticulously researched, endlessly fascinating.      source
Also recommended by
Jenny Lawson
The Splendid and the Vile
A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz
Erik Larson - Feb 25, 2020
Goodreads Rating
On Winston Churchill's first day as prime minister, Adolf Hitler invaded Holland and Belgium. Poland and Czechoslovakia had already fallen, and the Dunkirk evacuation was just two weeks away. For the next twelve months, Hitler would wage a relentless bombing campaign, killing 45,000 Britons. It was up to Churchill to hold his country together and p...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Dec 12, 2020
THE SPLENDID AND THE VILE @exlarson's latest book is a startling portrayal of what it was like to be alive in London during the Blitz. My dad got so lost in the text, that he actually worried Britain might lose the war. There's a reason why it's a #1 NYTimes Bestseller!      source
Apollo's Arrow
The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live
Nicholas A. Christakis - Oct 27, 2020
Goodreads Rating
A piercing and scientifically grounded look at the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic and how it will change the way we live — "this year's must-must-read." (Daniel Gilbert)  Apollo's Arrow offers a riveting account of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic as it swept through American society in 2020, and of how the recovery will unfold in the ...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Dec 12, 2020
APOLLO'S ARROW @NAChristakis offers a riveting account of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on American society as it unfolded in 2020, and on how the recovery will unfold in the coming years. An absolute must-read for anyone wanting context for this year's strange events!      source
Half Lives
The Unlikely History of Radium
Lucy Jane Santos - Jul 06, 2021
Goodreads Rating
The fascinating, curious, and sometimes macabre history of radium as seen in its uses in everyday life.Of all the radioactive elements discovered at the end of the nineteenth century, it was radium that became the focus of both public fascination and entrepreneurial zeal. Half Lives tells the fascinating, curious, sometimes macabre story of the ele...
Lindsey Fitzharris
Dec 12, 2020
HALF LIVES Of all the radioactive elements discovered in the 19th century, it was radium that became the focus of both public fascination & entrepreneurial zeal. @lucyjanesantos_ tells the curious and sometimes macabre story of the element. Science history at its weirdest!      source
African Europeans by Olivette Otele
Hearing Happiness by Jaipreet Virdi
A Cat's Tale by Paul Koudounaris
The Unidentified by Colin Dickey
Dead Famous by
The Fall of the House of Byron by Emily Brand
No Man's Land by Wendy Moore
The Madman's Library by Edward Brooke-Hitching
Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard
Wounded by Emily Mayhew
The Reconstruction of Warriors by E R Mayhew
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty