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Courtney Milan

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Courtney Milan, the pseudonym of Heidi Bond, is a bestselling American author of historical and contemporary romance novels. After releasing her first few books under a traditional publishing contract, Milan became an early superstar of self-publishing.
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The Killing Moon book cover
The Killing Moon
N. K. Jemisin - 2012-05-01
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling fantasy book takes place in Gujaareh, a city-state where peace is the only law. Its magic-wielding priests, the Gatherers, have the power to heal and kill. But when a conspiracy within the temple arises, the city is in danger of being devoured by war and forbidden magic. Follow Ehiru, the most famous Gatherer, as he navigates a web of corruption and betrayal in order to save the city from destruction.
Courtney Milan
I love this book.      source
Donut Fall in Love book cover
Donut Fall in Love
Jackie Lau - 2021-10-26
Goodreads Rating
Indulge in a charming romantic comedy about an actor and a baker. Ryan Kwok is back in Toronto after a promotional tour and the sudden death of his mother. Innovative baker Lindsay McLeod meets Ryan when he knocks over two dozen specialty donuts at her bakery. As they bond over grief and bubble tea, it starts to feel like they’re cooking up something sweeter than cupcakes in the kitchen.
Courtney Milan
Hey, @JackieLauBooks DONUT FALL IN LOVE is on sale for $1.99! This book was so gentle and sweet. I really enjoyed it. Amazon: Apple: Kobo: Nook:      source
The Bennett Women book cover
The Bennett Women
Roberta R. Carr - 2015-07-01
Goodreads Rating
Three women at a crossroad with each other and the world around them. Muriel struggles for independence, Susanne balances a chaotic career and family life, and Lilia's plans unravel as she questions everything she's ever wanted. The Bennett Women is a tender yet unflinching portrayal of the dynamic relationships between three generations of women, examining what moves us from daughter, mother, and grandmother to something much deeper.
Courtney Milan
There’s also an audio copy of The Bennet Women—I loved this book, it’s such a smart, modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice.      source
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms book cover
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
N. K. Jemisin - 2010-02-25
Goodreads Rating
In this epic fantasy, Yeine Darr, a young woman from the barbarian north, is unexpectedly named an heiress to the king of the majestic city of Sky. But the throne she inherits is steeped in a dangerous power struggle, and Yeine must navigate the intrigue to uncover the truth about her Mother's death. Get ready for a thrilling tale of politics, power, and betrayal.
Courtney Milan
This book is amazing!      source
The Boyfriend Project book cover
The Boyfriend Project
Farrah Rochon - 2020-06-09
Goodreads Rating
In "The Boyfriend Project," Samiah finds out she's been catfished by her boyfriend and she's not alone - he has two other girlfriends. They make a pact to focus on themselves for six months, with no dating or relationship worries. Samiah decides to create the app she's always dreamed of and meets a charming man named Daniel at work. Is he too good to be true? This book is about finding love and putting yourself first.
Courtney Milan
I love this book!      source
Indigo book cover
Beverly Jenkins - 2000-08-22 (first published in 1996)
Goodreads Rating
Indigo is a powerful historical fiction novel that follows Hester Wyatt, a former slave who has become a dedicated member of the Underground Railroad in Michigan. When she is tasked with hiding the injured and rude Galen Vachon, aka the "Black Daniel," she begins to question her vow to protect him. As the two work together to overcome obstacles and find love, they must also navigate traitors and slave catchers. This is a story of overcoming distrust and finding true freedom through love.
Courtney Milan
I think I appreciate this book even more on second reading than first. It’s a brilliant, beautiful little gem that takes a wealthy, jaded hero who starts working in the Underground Railroad as a lark and has him fall head over heels for the fantastic Hester.      source
White Fragility book cover
White Fragility
Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
Robin Diangelo - 2018-06-26
Goodreads Rating
This book delves into the counterproductive reactions white people have in the face of challenges to their assumptions about race. The author, anti-racist educator Robin DiAngelo, looks at the emotions and behaviors that make up "white fragility," which include anger, fear, guilt, argumentation, and silence. These reactions sustain racial inequality and hinder constructive cross-racial dialogue. DiAngelo offers an in-depth exploration of how white fragility develops and what can be done to overcome it.
Courtney Milan
But here’s her book, too.      source
Briarley book cover
Aster Glenn Gray - 2018-05-05
Goodreads Rating
This retelling of Beauty and the Beast takes place during World War II, featuring an m/m romance. A chance encounter leads an English parson to a seemingly deserted house, but when he takes a rose from the garden, the furious dragon-man appears. As the parson learns more about the curse that binds him, he begins to develop feelings for the cursed man. Can the curse be broken?
Courtney Milan
Uh I just read this book because of this tweet and it is magic.      source
A Match Made for Thanksgiving book cover
A Match Made for Thanksgiving
Jackie Lau - 2019-10-08
Goodreads Rating
Advertising executive Nick Wong enjoys living in Toronto. He loves late nights partying and taking women back to his penthouse. And so it is with great reluctance that he returns to his boring hometown of Mosquito Bay for Thanksgiving....
Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins