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Elizabeth C. McLaughlin

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Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin is the CEO of Gaia Project Consulting, LLC, and the Founder of The Gaia Project for Women's Leadership.
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We Will Not Cancel Us book cover
We Will Not Cancel Us
And Other Dreams of Transformative Justice (Emergent Strategy Series, 3)
adrienne maree brown - 2020-11-17
Goodreads Rating
Cancel culture addresses real harm...and sometimes causes more. It’s time to think this through.“Cancel” or “call-out” culture is a source of much tension and debate in American society. The infamous "Harper’s Letter,” signed by public intellectuals of both the left and right, sought to settle the matter and only caused greater division. Originatin...
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
This little book is so good. Thanks @adriennemaree.      source
Caste book cover
The Origins of Our Discontents
Isabel Wilkerson - 2020-08-04
Goodreads Rating
The Pulitzer Prize–winning, bestselling author of The Warmth of Other Suns examines the unspoken caste system that has shaped America and shows how our lives today are still defined by a hierarchy of human divisions.“As we go about our daily lives, caste is the wordless usher in a darkened theater, flashlight cast down in the aisles, guiding us to ...
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
Seriously, you must read this book. It cuts through every American mythology you’ve ever been taught, as well it should.      source
"Don't You Know Who I Am?" book cover
"Don't You Know Who I Am?"
How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility
Ramani S. Durvasula - 2019-10-01
Goodreads Rating
It’s time to take our lives back from a world of narcissism, entitlement, and toxic relationships. “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” has become the mantra of the famous and infamous, the entitled and the insecure. It’s the tagline of the modern narcissist. Health and wellness campaigns preach avoidance of unhealthy foods, sedentary lifestyles, tobacco, dr...
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
This book is really good.      source
I am Martin Luther King, Jr. book cover
I am Martin Luther King, Jr.
Brad Meltzer - 2016-01-05
Goodreads Rating
We can all be heroes. That’s the inspiring message of this New York Times Bestselling picture book biography series from historian and author Brad Meltzer. Even as a child, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shocked by the terrible and unfair way African-American people were treated. When he grew up, he decided to do something about it—peacefully, with po...
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
@chrislhayes Also, when my kids were younger, I got them the @bradmeltzer book on MLK and we read it every night. My daughter was so little that she couldn't pronounce Luther, so every night I got asked to read the book on Martin Lumma King. It was a favorite when she was 4.      source
This Book Is Anti-Racist book cover
This Book Is Anti-Racist
20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action, and Do The Work
Tiffany Jewell - 2020-01-07
Goodreads Rating
Who are you? What is your identity? What is racism? How do you choose your own path? How do you stand in solidarity? How can you hold yourself accountable? Learn about identities, true histories, and anti-racism work in 20 carefully laid out chapters. Written by anti-bias, anti-racist, educator and activist, Tiffany Jewell, and illustrated by Frenc...
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
I know already recommended this book, but let me just say that in the 24 hours we've had it, it's provoked some great conversations between me and my 8 year old.      source
White Fragility book cover
White Fragility
Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
Robin Diangelo - 2018-06-26
Goodreads Rating
The New York Times best-selling book exploring the counterproductive reactions white people have when their assumptions about race are challenged, and how these reactions maintain racial inequality.Referring to the defensive moves that white people make when challenged racially, white fragility is characterized by emotions such as anger, fear, and ...
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
I've recommended the book White Fragility on here many times, and this interview is a great place to start. If you're a white person who believes you're not racist, please read this article. And then go read the book.      source