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Quinn Cummings


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Quinn Louise Cummings is an American retired child actress, now writer and entrepreneur. She is possibly best known for her role of Lucy McFadden in Neil Simon's The Goodbye Girl, and for her recurring role as Annie Cooper on the television series Family.
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Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World
by David Epstein (May 28, 2019)
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What's the most effective path to success in any domain? It's not what you think. ...
Quinn Cummings
Sep 23, 2019
@AGuyInOKC Driving back across America from visiting Kid at college, I listened to this, cannot recommend it enough. @DavidEpstein wrote a fascinating and perspective changing book which, among other things, talks about just that.     source
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The Astounding Connections between Human and Animal Adolescents
by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz (Sep 17, 2019)
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Publishers Weekly Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2019 A New York Times Editors Pick People Best Books Fall 2019 Chicago Tribune 28 Books You Need to Read Now It blew my mind to discover that teenage animals and teenage humans are so similar. Both are naive risk-takers. I loved this book! Temple Grandin, author of Animals Make Us Human and Animals i...
Quinn Cummings
Sep 22, 2019
Got kids? Was once one? You’re going to find this book fascinating. Wish I had it when Kid was 11; would have saved a great deal of shouting. In Los Angeles? Get it @vromans. #bookstagram #bookshelf #parenting     source