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Marc Caputo

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The Unwinding book cover
The Unwinding
An Inner History of the New America
George Packer - 2013-05-21
Goodreads Rating
Discover the 2013 National Book Award Winner and New York Times Bestseller that presents a gripping account of American democracy in crisis. The Unwinding by George Packer narrates the social, economic, and political shifts over the past three decades through the stories of everyday Americans. Meet a farmer's son turned Southern evangelist, a Rust Belt factory worker fighting to survive, an insider in Washington, and a Silicon Valley tycoon with a radical vision of the future. Packer's potent collage of headlines, lyrics, and sketches creates a novelistic and kaleidoscopic history of the new America.
Marc Caputo
I can’t recommend this book enough: “The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America” Incredible reporting & writing. George Packer is amazing Published in 2013, it now reads like prophecy of a bygone era that explains, better than any work, where we are today      source
Confidence Man book cover
Confidence Man
The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America
Maggie Haberman - 2022-10-04
Goodreads Rating
This book is a revealing and comprehensive take on one of the most controversial political figures of our time. Written by a Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist, it covers every aspect of Donald Trump's life, from his business dealings in New York City to his tumultuous post-presidency. The author draws on interviews with hundreds of sources, including Trump himself, to paint a complicated and contradictory portrait of a man who can be both kind and cruel, pugnacious and insecure. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand Trump’s rise to power and the norms-shattering era of American politics that he ushered in.
Marc Caputo
I just finished Confidence Man and, if anyone wants the best understanding of Trump’s past and how it informs his present thinking, there is no better book      source
Recommended by
Anthony Scaramucci
A River Runs through It and Other Stories book cover
A River Runs through It and Other Stories
Norman MacLean - 2001-10-01 (first published in 1976)
Goodreads Rating
This collection of Western American tales is centered around the pleasures of fly-fishing, logging, and family, but also includes colorful characters such as drunks, loggers, card sharks, and whores. Written by beloved author Norman Maclean, A River Runs through It and Other Stories was once rejected for "having trees in it," but has since become recognized as a classic. This newly redesigned edition features a new foreword by Robert Redford, director of the Academy Award-winning film adaptation. Maclean's beautiful prose and understated emotional insights will introduce a fresh audience to his superb storytelling.
Marc Caputo
"I am haunted by waters" It's from a River Runs Through it. A fabulous book. And the movie, Brad Pitt's first major motion picture, did it justice      source
Recommended by
Joe MartinM. Sanjayan
A Hero of Our Time book cover
A Hero of Our Time
Mikhail Lermontov - 1966-01-01 (first published in 1839)
Goodreads Rating
Explore the depths of a Byronic hero in this beloved Russian classic. A Hero of Our Time captures the contradictions and complexity of Pechorin, a character both sensitive and cynical, possessing extreme arrogance while also displaying deep insight into his own character. Set against a backdrop of beautiful descriptions of the Caucasus and influenced by the likes of Albert Camus and Ian Fleming, this novel is a true testament to the melancholy of the romantic hero.
Marc Caputo
*yes, I’m aware “A Hero of Our Time” by Lermontov was about the Caucuses, not Ukraine, & Pechorin was a flawed character. But there are heroic-Byronic echoes are here with Zelenskyy. Read the book. It’s very good. And read the article. It’s good too      source
The Year of Dangerous Days book cover
The Year of Dangerous Days
Riots, Refugees, and Cocaine in Miami 1980
Nicholas Griffin - 2020-07-14
Goodreads Rating
Explore the rise and fall of Miami, one of America's most popular vacation destinations, in 1980. Plagued by a drug epidemic, a bulging refugee crisis, and police brutality, this forgotten year was a vital moment in American history. Follow iconic figures such as Jimmy Carter, Fidel Castro, and Janet Reno, as well as intertwining personal stories of people like reporter Edna Buchanan, homicide detective Captain Marshall Frank, and charismatic politician Mayor Maurice Ferre. Discover how they cross paths as Miami explodes in one of the worst race riots in history, and how they struggled to persevere, creating a new Miami that was born from corruption and drug money. A highly timely and deeply researched account, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding America's most iconic cities.
Marc Caputo
As a lifelong Floridian and longtime Miami resident, I can’t recommend this book enough from @GriffNicholas: “The Year of Dangerous Days: Riots, Refugees, and Cocaine in Miami 1980” So good      source
The Cat Inside book cover
The Cat Inside
William S. Burroughs - 2002-01-29 (first published in 1986)
Goodreads Rating
A heartfelt meditation on the friendship between humans and cats, The Cat Inside by William S. Burroughs showcases a softer side to this famed author. Combining amusing deadpan routines with dream passages, this moving discourse provides a heartwarming glimpse into Burroughs's unexpected friendships with many cats. Experience a striking glimpse into the long and mysterious connection between humans and feline companions.
Marc Caputo
@goldengateblond @CelticWombat You’re welcome. It’s a fantastic book, btw      source
Secrets of the Temple book cover
Secrets of the Temple
How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country
William Greider - 1989-01-15 (first published in 1987)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the shocking story of the Reagan administration's impact on the US economy with this book by a renowned journalist. With chapters devoted to topics like Wall Street and the god almighty dollar, this insightful read sheds light on the wrenching changes America endured. From the choice of Wall Street to the triumph of money, be prepared to learn about the pact with the devil and the slaughter of the innocents. This book is a game-changer and a must-read for anyone looking to understand the recent history of US economics.
Marc Caputo
Greider’s “Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country” is a must read. I never thought a book about the fed could be a page-turner, but he did it      source
Recommended by
Chris Hayes
Cocaine book cover
An Unauthorized Biography
Dominic Streatfeild - 2003-07-01 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the fascinating history of cocaine - from its use by ancient South Americans to its impact today as a global trade worth billions of dollars. Dominic Streatfeild delves deep into the story of this infamous drug, traveling the world to speak with experts and uncover its complicated and often devastating effects. This is the definitive history of a substance that has left an indelible mark on human history.
Marc Caputo
@sea77king Book is ok. If you read any book on the topic, it’s “Cocaine: an unauthorized biography”      source
Gangster Warlords book cover
Gangster Warlords
Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and the New Politics of Latin America
Ioan Grillo - 2016-01-19
Goodreads Rating
Explore the world of hybrid criminal kingpins who control the majority of the world's trade in narcotics, guns, and humans. Gangster Warlords takes you to Central and South America and the Caribbean where the crime wars are booming, but often forgotten. Ioan Grillo, author of El Narco, recounts his journey through the new battlefields of the Americas, where he moves between militia-controlled ghettos and the halls of top policymakers. This book provides a disturbing yet unmissable understanding of a war spiraling out of control and in need of immediate action.
Marc Caputo
One of the best books about MS-13 and Latin American violence, "Gangster Warlords," is by @ioangrillo      source