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Peter Wang


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Python for data & science; Cofounder, CEO AnacondaInc, creator of Anaconda, PyData, Bokeh, Datashader. Former physicist. A student of the human condition
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The Formula
The Universal Laws of Success
by Albert-László Barabási (Nov 06, 2018)
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In this pioneering examination of the scientific principles behind success, a leading researcher reveals the surprising ways in which we can turn achievement into success.Too often, accomplishment does not equate to success. We did the work but didn't get the promotion; we played hard but weren't recognized; we had the idea but didn't get the credi...
Peter Wang
Jul 18, 2019
@amcasari @hmason @math_rachel @AnimaAnandkumar @mathbabedotorg @devonzuegel But there are so many different types of centrality ( FWIW @barabasi & colleagues have done a great study of holistic influence in networks, resulting in a great book ("The Formula").     source
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