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Best Sex Positive Books

Explore the top books that embrace and educate on sexual diversity and positivity, curated from the web's most credible articles and blogs. Each title is selected based on its frequency of recommendation across numerous sources.

Recommendations from 32 articles, Joe Rogan, Whitney Cummings, Dan Savage and 24 others.
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Come as You Are book cover
Come as You Are
The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life
Emily Nagoski - 2015-03-03
Goodreads Rating
Unlock the secrets of female sexuality with this groundbreaking book based on cutting-edge research and brain science. Discover why there will never be a "pink pill" for women and learn how every woman has her own unique sexuality. Dive into the context surrounding arousal, desire, and orgasm and discover how stress, mood, trust, and body image are all central factors to a woman's sexual wellbeing. With this essential guide, you can transform your sex life and discover confidence and joy in the bedroom like never before.
Mating in Captivity book cover
Mating in Captivity
Unlocking Erotic Intelligence
Esther Perel - 2006-09-05
Goodreads Rating
Explore the paradoxical union of domesticity and sexual desire with a bold and provocative new take on intimacy and sex. This therapist's bestselling book draws on over 20 years of experience to examine the complexities of sustaining desire in long-term relationships. With case studies and lively discussion, discover how to bring playful and even poetic sex back home. Wise, witty, and revelatory, Mating in Captivity will transform the way you live and love.
The Ethical Slut, Third Edition book cover
The Ethical Slut, Third Edition
A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships, and Other Freedoms in Sex and Love
Janet W. Hardy - 1997-12-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore love, sex, and intimacy beyond the limits of traditional monogamy with this classic guide, now in its third edition. Updated to reflect modern attitudes and the latest information on nontraditional relationships, The Ethical Slut offers practical advice on maintaining a successful polyamorous lifestyle through open communication, emotional honesty, and safer sex practices. With new content addressing a wide range of nontraditional relationships beyond the polyamorous paradigm, this timeless guide is a must-read for anyone looking to expand their understanding of love and connection.
Recommended by
Ella Dawson
Girl Sex 101 book cover
Girl Sex 101
Allison Moon - 2011-11-04
Goodreads Rating
Discover a new twist on the classic werewolf myth in this captivating tale of love, loyalty, and self-discovery. Follow Lexie Clarion as she navigates a world of radical feminist werewolf hunters and a mysterious woman who may be among them. As tensions rise and secrets are revealed, Lexie must make a choice that will change her life forever. Written by talented new author Allison Moon, this book indulges the feminine wild and will leave readers wanting more.
Pleasure Activism book cover
Pleasure Activism
The Politics of Feeling Good (Emergent Strategy)
Adrienne Maree Brown - 2019-02-13
Goodreads Rating
Explore the concept of pleasure activism with this book, which delves into how social justice can be made into a pleasurable human experience. Drawing on the black feminist tradition, the contributors cover a range of topics including sex work, race, gender, climate change, and more, creating new narratives about how politics can feel good. Using experimental and innovative ways to meet challenges, this book is perfect for those seeking a fulfilling life and a politics of healing and happiness.
She Comes First book cover
She Comes First
The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman (Kerner)
Ian Kerner - 2004-05-25
Goodreads Rating
Become a master of oral sex with this essential guidebook by Ian Kerner. She Comes First offers a radical new philosophy for pleasuring women that's already earned raves from bestselling authors and popular magazines alike. Kerner's cool sense of humor and obsessive desire to inform encourages men to become adept at an act that many find mystifying. An indispensable aid to a healthier, more fulfilling sex life for both partners, this book offers techniques and philosophy that are sure to please.
Guide To Getting It On book cover
Guide To Getting It On
Paul Joannides - 2007-06-13 (first published in 1996)
Goodreads Rating
This comprehensive guide to sex and intimacy was originally written for those looking to improve their love lives. With numerous awards and college courses added to its accolades, the author has returned the Guide To Getting It On to its roots. This newer edition is shorter and more affordable, targeted towards anyone seeking an approachable, entertaining resource on the subject.
It's Perfectly Normal book cover
It's Perfectly Normal
Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library)
Robie H. Harris - 2004-07-22 (first published in 1994)
Goodreads Rating
A must-read for parents, teachers, and teens, this universally acclaimed book covers all aspects of puberty and sexual health. Now updated for its 20th anniversary, it includes new information on safe Internet use, gender identity, contraception, and more. From puberty and reproductive health to STDs and birth control, this comprehensive guide continues to be a trusted and accessible resource for anyone invested in the well-being of tweens and teens.
Queer Sex book cover
Queer Sex
A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships
Juno Roche - 2018-04-19
Goodreads Rating
"Queer Sex" is a powerful and intimate collection of firsthand accounts from transgender and non-binary voices, exploring themes of desire, intimacy, and sexuality. Author Juno Roche inspires readers to challenge their own concepts of gender and relationships, celebrating the potential and wonder of trans bodies. This empowering book is a necessary addition to the conversation, reminding readers that all trans people deserve to feel brave, beautiful, and sexy.
The Body Is Not an Apology book cover
The Body Is Not an Apology
The Power of Radical Self-Love
Sonya Renee Taylor - 2018-02-13
Goodreads Rating
This book explores the relationship between our bodies and systems of oppression. Through radical self-love, author Sonya Renee Taylor encourages us to celebrate our differences and interrupt the perpetuation of body shame. This transformative movement has the potential to create a more just and compassionate world for all.
Sex is a Funny Word by Cory Silverberg
What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg
101 Nights of Great Sex by Laura Corn
Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan
Sex for One by Betty Dodson
We Have Always Been Here by Samra Habib
It's So Amazing! by Robie H. Harris
It's Not the Stork! by Robie H. Harris
Let's Talk About It by Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan
Becoming Cliterate by Laurie Mintz
A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent by Isabella Rotman
Love Worth Making by Stephen Snyder
S.E.X., second edition by Heather Corinna
Ultimate Guide to Kink by Tristan Taormino
Tongue Tied by Stella Harris
Mind The Gap by Dr Karen Gurney
Naked at Our Age by Joan Price
The Vagina Bible by Jennifer Gunter
Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe
Our Bodies, Ourselves by Boston Women'S Health Book Collective
Celebrate Your Body by Sonya Renee Taylor
Boys & Sex by Peggy Orenstein
More Than Two by Franklin Veaux
Girls & Sex by Peggy Orenstein
Women's Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston CNM. RN. BSN. LMT
The Every Body Book by Rachel E. Simon
For Goodness Sex by Al Vernacchio
Oh Joy Sex Toy Vol. 1 by Erika Moen
Who Has What? by Robie H. Harris
Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase
The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman
Fucking Trans Women by Mira Bellwether
Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas
The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability by Miriam Kaufman
The Gender Wheel - School Edition by Maya Christina Gonzalez
Ecstasy Is Necessary by Barbara Carrellas
Untrue by Wednesday Martin
My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday
Ace by Angela Chen
This Book Is Gay by Juno Dawson
The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Polysecure by Jessica Fern
A Quick & Easy Guide to Sex & Disability by A. Andrews
You Know, Sex by Cory Silverberg, Fiona Smyth
All Boys Aren't Blue by George M. Johnson
Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix
The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida
All About Love by Bell Hooks
The Come as You Are Workbook by Emily Nagoski
Wait, What? by Heather Corinna, Isabella Rotman
Sex Without Stress; A couple's guide to overcoming disappointment, avoidance and pressure by Jessa Zimmerman
Enjoy Sex by Meg-John Barker, Justin Hancock
Position of the Day by Nerve. Com
Sacred Sex by Gabriela Herstik
Bang! Masturbation for People of All Genders and Abilities by Vic Liu
The Sex-Starved Marriage by Michele Weiner Davis
Sex Detox by Ian Kerner