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Best World War 1 Books

Recommendations from 22 articles, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Marianne Williamson and 27 others.
Best World War 1 Books
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All Quiet on the Western Front book cover
All Quiet on the Western Front
A Novel
Erich Maria Remarque - 1987-03-12 (first published in 1928)
Goodreads Rating
"Experience the raw emotions of war through the eyes of a young soldier. Set in 1914, a group of German schoolboys eagerly embark on a patriotic journey to fight for their country. However, as they enter the trenches, they soon face the brutal reality of war. Follow the story of one soldier as he encounters the heart-wrenching loss of his comrades and the crushing disillusionment that comes with war. A powerful and poignant tale of youth, sacrifice, and hope."
The Great War and Modern Memory book cover
The Great War and Modern Memory
Paul Fussell - 2000-03-02 (first published in 1975)
Goodreads Rating
The Great War and Modern Memory by Paul Fussell is a groundbreaking and award-winning book that explores how World War I transformed a generation and revolutionized the modern era. Fussell analyzes the work of renowned writers who memorialized the war, providing context for their poems, diaries, novels, and letters. This accessible and haunting account is grounded in hard research and is a must-read for all interested in the legacy of the Great War.
The First World War book cover
The First World War
Hew Strachan - 2005-04-05 (first published in 2003)
Goodreads Rating
Discover a comprehensive account of the events, strategies, and impact of the First World War in this expertly crafted work. Featuring a multifaceted approach to history, Hew Strachan's powerful analysis covers military tactics alongside cultural, diplomatic, economic, and social perspectives. Gain valuable insight into the viewpoints of Germany, England, and France in this monumental exploration of one of the most significant conflicts in modern history.
The Guns of August book cover
The Guns of August
Barbara W. Tuchman - 2009-07-22 (first published in 1962)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the fascinating events and people that led to World War I with this Pulitzer Prize-winning book. The author, Barbara Tuchman, provides intricate details and an expert understanding of the subject that will leave readers captivated. Throughout this historical survey, Tuchman reveals how the war started, why it began, and how it could have been prevented. THE GUNS OF AUGUST offers an engaging perspective on a critical moment in world history that is not to be missed.
Michael Morpurgo - 2004-10-01 (first published in 2003)
Goodreads Rating
Follow the journey of Tommo Peaceful, from his childhood in the early 20th century to his underage enlistment in the British army during WWI in Michael Morpurgo's Private Peaceful. Morpurgo opens the brutal realities of war and the life-changing effects it has on those involved, including the relentless squalor of trench warfare and the brutality of the commanding regimes. Through Tommo's recollections, readers witness the horror of battle and the importance of brotherhood in the face of certain death. Emotionally draining but highly recommended for ages 10 and over.
Testament of Youth book cover
Testament of Youth
Vera Brittain - 2005-05-31 (first published in 1933)
Goodreads Rating
This poignant memoir set the standard for memoirists by chronicling the devastating effects of World War I through the eyes of a nurse who lost virtually everyone she loved. Abandoning her studies at Oxford in 1915, the author served in London, Malta, and on the Western Front. Testament of Youth is both a record of her experiences and an elegy for a vanishing generation, making it an essential read for anyone who has been affected by war.
Rites of Spring book cover
Rites of Spring
The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age
Modris Eksteins - 2000-09-14 (first published in 1989)
Goodreads Rating
Explore the impact of World War I on modernism with Rites of Spring. This cultural history delves into the origins, impact, and aftermath of the war. Author Modris Eksteins employs a unique approach by analyzing the lives of ordinary people, literary works, and historical events to provide a fresh perspective on our past and future. From Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring to Hitler's death, this book is a remarkable exploration of the roots of modernism.
Recommended by
John Cusack
Sword of Honor book cover
Sword of Honor
Evelyn Waugh - 1994-05-10 (first published in 1965)
Goodreads Rating
A powerful trilogy about World War II, including Men at Arms, Officers and Gentlemen, and Unconditional Surrender, by acclaimed author Evelyn Waugh. Based in part on the author's own experiences as an army officer, the novels follow the story of Guy Crouchback, head of a Catholic family, as he defends Christian values against Nazi barbarism. Sword of Honor is both somber and brilliantly comedic, showcasing Waugh's skill in subtle and delicate satire. A must-read for those interested in this period of history.
The First World War book cover
The First World War
John Keegan - 2000-05-16 (first published in 1999)
Goodreads Rating
Experience how the First World War shaped the modern world, unleashing mechanized warfare and mass death, challenging Enlightenment ideals, and ushering in modernism, new psychology and medicine, and radical thoughts about economics and society. Military historian John Keegan provides a definitive account of the war, ranging from failed diplomacy and communication to nightmarish battles like Verdun, Somme, and Gallipoli. Keegan introduces the human aspect of the conflict, amplifying individual stories from heads of state like Nicholas II to the anonymous millions whose efforts went unrecorded. This brilliant and panoramic account of a vast and terrible conflict deserves its place among the classics of world history.
Regeneration book cover
Pat Barker - 2011-01-27 (first published in 1991)
Goodreads Rating
Regeneration is a powerful novel that explores the unspoken horrors of war through the story of Siegfried Sasson, a decorated war hero who refuses to continue serving in World War I. After being declared "mentally unsound," Sasson is sent to Craiglockhart War Hospital where he meets a brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. William Rivers. The novel delves into the battle for Sasson's mind and asks the reader to determine who is the victor, the vanquished, and the victim. With its poignant storytelling and timely relevance, Regeneration is a modern classic hailed by critics worldwide.
War Game book cover
War Game
Michael Foreman - 1994-04-01
Good-Bye to All That by Robert Graves
Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer
The Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark
Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger
The Price of Glory by Alistair Horne
Paris 1919 by Margaret MacMillan
The Ghost Road by Pat Barker
No Man's Land by Wendy Moore
Where The Poppies Now Grow by Hilary Ann Robinson
The Christmas Truce by Hilary Ann Robinson
Peace Lily by
Flo of the Somme by Hilary Ann Robinson
A Storm in Flanders by Winston Groom
The Eye in the Door by Pat Barker
Archies War by Marcia Williams
Story Of London - Usborne Sticker Book by Collectif
The Story of World War One by Richard Brassey
Where Poppies Grow by Linda Granfield
War Fever by Randy Roberts
A Mad Catastrophe by Geoffrey Wawro
Remembrance by Breslin Theresa
Stories of World War One by Tony Bradman
Truce by Jim Murphy
The French Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins
Line of Fire by Barroux
Learning to Fight by Aimée Fox
The End of Innocence by Allegra Jordan
The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman
Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick
The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
A Soldier of the Great War by Mark Helprin
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
The Alice Network by Kate Quinn
Going to Meet the Man by James Baldwin
Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada
The Road Back by Erich Maria Remarque
Rilla of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery
The Victory Garden by Rhys Bowen
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer
Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor, Heather Webb
The Other Bennet Sister by Janice Hadlow
When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams
War Horse by Michael Morpurgo
The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen by Wilfred Owen
A Long Long Way by Sebastian Barry
The Regeneration trilogy by Pat Barker
Winnie by Sally M. Walker
The Fall of the Ottomans by Eugene Rogan
26 Marathons by Meb Keflezighi
A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War by Joseph Loconte
A Song for Will by
The First World War by Martin Gilbert
World War I by DK
The Last of the Doughboys by Richard Rubin
The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy
Shooting at the Stars by John Hendrix
The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry by George Walter
Frightful First World War by Terry Deary
Ring of Steel by Alexander Watson
George, Nicholas and Wilhelm by Miranda Carter
World's End by Upton Sinclair
By Lyn Macdonald They Called it Passchendaele by
Gallipoli by L. A. Carlyon
Somme by Lyn MacDonald
The Best Christmas Present in the World by Michael Morpurgo M. B. E.
Sergeant York by Alvin York
The World Crisis, 1911-1918 by Winston S. Churchill
Poppy Field by Michael Morpurgo
Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon
1914-1918 by D. Stevenson
Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer
Rags by Margot Theis Raven
Black Poppies by Stephen Bourne
Passchendaele by Nick Lloyd
In Flanders Fields by Linda Granfield
Forgotten Victory by Gary Sheffield
Cataclysm by David Stevenson
Christmas Truce by Aaron Shepard
Simple History by Daniel Turner
Stubby the War Dog by Ann Bausum
The Story of the First World War for Children by John Malam
World War I by Simon Adams
A Soldier's Friend by Megan Rix
Stubby the Dog Soldier by Blake Hoena
Answer as a Man by Taylor Caldwell
The Meaning of Names by Karen Shoemaker