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Elizabeth Yost

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How We Love book cover
How We Love
Notes on a life
Clementine Ford - 2021-11-01
Goodreads Rating
A heartfelt and lyrical memoir exploring love in all its forms from a feminist icon and bestselling author. Through personal experiences, the author reflects on the pain and confusion of first love, the transcendence of motherhood, and the importance of self-love. This confessional, compassionate, and essential read shows us the beauty and bravery of surrendering ourselves to love.
Elizabeth Yost
@clementine_ford I absolutely loved the book and everyone should read it twice.      source
The Witches Are Coming book cover
The Witches Are Coming
Lindy West - 2019-11-05
Goodreads Rating
This cultural critique exposes misogyny in the #MeToo era through a hilarious and incisive examination of American politics and culture. The author, whose critically acclaimed memoir and Hulu series "Shrill" made waves, takes on the idea that the movement is a witch hunt and challenges readers to confront the lies and delusions that have enabled white male mediocrity to dominate American politics and culture. West's writing is both entertaining and illuminating, making this a must-read for those seeking the truth about the current state of America.
Elizabeth Yost
@TakedownMRAs @Pevenly1 Have you read Lindy West on this? She has a great chapter in The Witches are Coming that starts with this story. Highly recommend the whole book.      source
Entitled book cover
How Male Privilege Hurts Women
Kate Manne - 2020-08-11
Goodreads Rating
A radical and urgent critique on male entitlement and how it perpetuates the policing and punishing of women, from the acclaimed author of Down Girl. With examples ranging from Harvey Weinstein to the undertreatment of women's pain, Kate Manne argues that male entitlement is a pervasive social problem with devastating consequences. By exposing the flaws in our default modes of thought and empowering women to resist entitled attitudes, Manne offers a powerful vision of a world where women are just as entitled to care and concern as men.
Elizabeth Yost
Rage Becomes Her by @schemaly is tied with @kate_manne’s, Entitled, for the top slot on my list of books that will change the way you understand the world around you. Cannot recommend these brilliant women enough. Read them, listen on audible, whatever you like - do that.      source
Invisible Women book cover
Invisible Women
Data Bias in a World Designed for Men
Caroline Criado Perez - 2019-03-12
Goodreads Rating
Discover how women are systematically ignored and discriminated against in a world largely built for and by men in this eye-opening book. With case studies, stories, and research from across the globe, it exposes the gender data gap and its profound impact on women's lives. From government policy to medical research and technology, Invisible Women reveals the biased data that excludes women and the urgent need for change. A powerful and provocative read that will make you see the world anew.
Elizabeth Yost
@Rockmedia Awesome book      source
Rage Becomes Her book cover
Rage Becomes Her
The Power of Women's Anger
Soraya Chemaly - 2018-09-11
Goodreads Rating
This empowering book challenges women to embrace their anger and use it as a catalyst for change. From a highly respected feminist writer, this work offers a fresh perspective on the emotion that society tends to silence.
Elizabeth Yost
@sheologian @LucieGarciaP Fantastic book @schemaly      source
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