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Jason Kander

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Jason David Kander is an American attorney, author, veteran, and politician. A Democrat, he served as the 39th Secretary of State of Missouri, from 2013 to 2017.
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Rickey book cover
The Life and Legend of an American Original
Howard Bryant - 2022-06-07
Goodreads Rating
Discover the vibrant life of baseball legend Rickey Henderson in this definitive biography. From his record-breaking feats as a leadoff hitter and base-stealer, to embodying the shift towards celebrity athletes and equitable salaries, author Howard Bryant unveils the story of both the player and Oakland, California - the town that shaped him. Experience the larger-than-life persona of a nine-team veteran who scored the most runs of any player ever, and stole America's heart in the process.
Jason Kander
Props to ⁦@hbryant42⁩. Been reading his Rickey Henderson biography lately and it has inspired me. Played a lot as a young man, and am now in my second season of competitive adult baseball, but last night was my first time stealing home. ⁦@KCHustlers⁩ #RunLikeRickey      source
The Soul of Baseball book cover
The Soul of Baseball
A Road Trip Through Buck O'Neil's America
Joe Posnanski - 2007-02-27
Goodreads Rating
Take a journey through America's pastime with The Soul of Baseball. Renowned sports columnist Joe Posnanski spends the 2005 season touring the country with legendary Negro League player Buck O'Neil. Buck's relentless optimism, passion for jazz and baseball, and dedication to playing solely for love are inspiring. Posnanski offers uplifting life lessons from a truly extraordinary man, a salve for the damaged spirit created by greedy, steroid-enhanced athletes that have infiltrated professional ball.
Jason Kander
I just reread ⁦@JPosnanski⁩’s “Buck book” and it’s still fantastic. Like a meditation in resilience and optimism. If you’ve never read it, you probably should.      source
Jennifer Government book cover
Jennifer Government
Max Barry - 2004-02-05 (first published in 2002)
Goodreads Rating
A world where taxation is abolished and the government is privatized is explored in this satirical thriller. Employees take on their company's surname and credit cards are a necessity. Follow the story of a Merchandising Officer caught up in shooting customers for street cred and the government agent, Jennifer Government, trying to save the day. With a witty commentary on globalization and marketing tactics, this outrageous novel is a must-read.
Jason Kander
A few years ago, @DianaKander introduced me to “Jennifer Government” and it instantly became one of my favorite books. This post by the author, @MaxBarry, is pretty great.      source
Tribe book cover
On Homecoming and Belonging
Sebastian Junger - 2016-05-24
Goodreads Rating
This book explores the challenges facing returning veterans and the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder. Author Sebastian Junger draws on history, psychology, and anthropology to show how modern society clashes with our tribal instincts. Junger argues that many veterans struggle not only with trauma, but also with reintegrating into individualist societies. With well-researched analysis and compelling writing, this timely book offers a new perspective on veteran's affairs and the need to repair our social dynamic.
Jason Kander
After years of people recommending it, I finally picked up Tribe by @SebastianJunger. I’m halfway done and it’s already the best non-fiction book I’ve read in years.      source