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Walter Kimbrough

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Walter Kimbrough is an American academic administrator. He is the President of Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana, serving since 2012. Before that, he was President of Philander Smith College from 2004 through 2012.
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Seasons book cover
How To Grow And Succeed During Times Of Transition
Charles Jenkins - 2021-02-16
Goodreads Rating
Walter Kimbrough
Met @CharlesJenkins7 a couple of weeks ago and just finished his book “Seasons.” HIGHLY RECOMMEND, especially for folks thinking about making that next move. Lots of good stuff including these 2 passages, including one that supports why I give up social media during Lent.      source
When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost book cover
When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost
A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks It Down
Joan Morgan - 1999-03-10
Goodreads Rating
This book explores the complexities of the modern black woman's life in a post-Civil Rights, post-feminist, and post-soul generation. Author Joan Morgan provides a powerful and provocative look into a world where feminism and sexism often converge, where independence and traditional views on relationships clash, and where truths are not just black and white. A must-read for those seeking a deep and nuanced understanding of black feminism.
Walter Kimbrough
@ThrillerMag @milfinainteasy This is a great piece. I still believe this is a coming of age book all Black college students should read.      source
Private Black Colleges at the Crossroads book cover
Private Black Colleges at the Crossroads
Daniel C. THOMPSON - 1973-07-18
Walter Kimbrough
Finished reading this Daniel C. Thompson text. @du1869 folks (especially Honors students) should recognize the name. Thinking about writing a 50 year revisiting text. So much in this 1973 book is true today. Fascinating read.      source
How the Word Is Passed book cover
How the Word Is Passed
A Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America
Clint Smith - 2021-06-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore America's complex relationship with slavery through a tour of monuments and landmarks, both honest about the past and those that are not. Follow Clint Smith on an unforgettable journey through places like Monticello and Whitney Plantation, where enslaved people worked and lived. Learn about Angola Prison in Louisiana and Blandford Cemetery, the final resting place of tens of thousands of Confederate soldiers. How the Word Is Passed offers a new understanding of the hopeful role that memory and history can play in understanding our country.
Walter Kimbrough
Saw @ClintSmithIII on @DonLemonTonight and finished the book tonight. Enjoyed the stories in the epilogue from his grandfather who is. @du1869 grad. Lots of interesting history in this book. #myDU add to summer reading.      source
Rap on Trial book cover
Rap on Trial
Race, Lyrics, and Guilt in America
Erik Nielson - 2019-11-12
Goodreads Rating
Explore the shocking use of rap lyrics as criminal evidence to convict and incarcerate young men of color in Rap on Trial. Discover how prosecutors use the crime-laden lyrics of amateur rappers as confessions to crimes, threats of violence, or revelations of criminal motive with alarming success. Through this gripping exploration, discover what's at stake for aspiring artists in a system that treats their creative expression as a confession of guilt. Rap on Trial is a timely expose at the crossroads of contemporary hip-hop and mass incarceration.
Walter Kimbrough
I would love for @theangiestanton to sit in on my class @phi_444 this spring. She would learn that lyrics have been used to lock up rappers. You should read the book “Rap On Trial” - one of the co-authors teaches at UGA. So yeah. Twitter ban ain’t the same as jail.      source
Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be book cover
Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be
An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania
Frank Bruni - 2015-03-17
Goodreads Rating
This insightful book by award-winning journalist Frank Bruni is a must-read for college-bound students and their parents. In Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be, Bruni exposes the flaws in the college admissions process and provides a new perspective on the anxiety-inducing competition. Through statistics, surveys, and success stories, Bruni shows that Ivy League schools don't hold a monopoly on success. Instead, he advocates for students to focus on their efforts in and out of the classroom, rather than the name on their diploma. This indispensable manifesto is a powerful reminder of the real promise of higher education.
Walter Kimbrough
@JerikaMarshae @itsreeyon Would love to have this conversation with you all + @laulyyyyyy — there is a great book that addresses this:      source
BLACKOUT book cover
My 40 Years in the Music Business
Paul Porter - 2017-05-31
Goodreads Rating
A gripping memoir, Blackout offers an explosive look into the corruption of the music industry. Follow author Paul Porter on a wild ride through his numerous media jobs, where he worked with some of the industry's biggest names and witnessed its most scandalous moments. Porter also offers a first-hand account of how corporations erased Black identity from Black radio and mainstream music, and why he chose to fight back. Get ready for a raw and revealing journey through one man's life in the industry.
Walter Kimbrough
I would suggest reading @PorterOnAir ‘s book BLACKOUT to add some context to how interesting these remarks are...      source
The Time Is Now book cover
The Time Is Now
A Call to Uncommon Courage
Joan Chittister - 2019-03-05
Goodreads Rating
The Time Is Now is an inspiring guide for those who feel disillusioned with the power-hungry institutions and systems of the world. Written by Joan Chittister, a passionate voice for women's rights, this book offers a compelling vision for readers to combat complacency and create a world of justice, freedom, peace, and empowerment. With scriptural insights and stirring narratives, this practical and powerful activism for our times is a call to action for all.
Walter Kimbrough
Just finished this great book by @JoanDChittister - lots of good quotes. She says the world “waits for some wise and wild voices to lead us back to spiritual sanity... the prophet is the person who says no to everything that is not of God.”      source
Holler If You Hear Me book cover
Holler If You Hear Me
Searching for Tupac Shakur
Michael Eric Dyson - 2002-12-31 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
This book delves into the life and legacy of the late rapper, Tupac Shakur. Written by "hip-hop intellectual" Michael Eric Dyson, it explores Tupac's posthumous success in music, poetry, and film that has cemented his status as an American cultural icon. Through a fresh and intriguing perspective, Dyson offers readers a deeper understanding of the legendary artist.
Walter Kimbrough
#myDU- @MichaelEDyson has a great book on Tupac...      source