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Laurie Voss

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Laurie Voss, co-founder of NPM, a startup that provides crucial tools to 11 million developers, has resigned from the company, he announced Thursday. Voss started as the founding CTO of the company, and then became COO.
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The Day the World Ended book cover
The Day the World Ended
Gordon Thomas - 1969-01-01
Goodreads Rating
The spectacular story of the greatest natural disaster ever to strike the Western Hemisphere: the 1902 volcano that destroyed St Pierre on the island of Martinique. This book reveals the story of a city engulfed in flames and plunged into terrifying darkness....
Laurie Voss
The Day The World Ended is excellent, the first book of history I ever read. It happened to be lying around the house when I was 10 years old, and I picked it up and was enthralled. I wonder if I'd picked up a less well-written book I'd feel differently about history.      source
Stand on Zanzibar book cover
Stand on Zanzibar
The Hugo Award-Winning Novel
John Brunner - 2011-08-16 (first published in 1968)
Goodreads Rating
Norman Niblock House is a rising executive at General Technics, one of a few all-powerful corporations. His work is leading General Technics to the forefront of global domination, both in the marketplace and politically---it's about to take over a country in Africa.  Donald Hogan is his roommate, a seemingly sheepish bookworm. But Hogan is a spy, a...
Laurie Voss
@johnlindquist Stand on Zanzibar but only because I think everybody should read that book.      source
The Penguin History of the World book cover
The Penguin History of the World
Sixth Edition
J. M. Roberts - 2014-09-30 (first published in 1976)
Goodreads Rating
This is a completely new and updated edition of J. M. Roberts and Odd Arne Westad's widely acclaimed, landmark bestseller The Penguin History of the World.For generations of readers The Penguin History of the World has been one of the great cultural experiences - the entire story of human endeavour laid out in all its grandeur and folly, drama and ...
Laurie Voss
@susanthesquark I have just the book! I had *exactly* the same problem. I read this book: It's literally the whole history of every part of the world, and it gave me enough overview to find bits I wanted to dive into more.      source
I, Robot book cover
I, Robot
Isaac Asimov - 2004-06-01 (first published in 1950)
Goodreads Rating
The three laws of Robotics:1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.2) A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Secon...
Laurie Voss
@ThePenguinLemma @MusingsOfDeimos The I, Robot book (actually a short story collection) is amazing if you've not read it. Enough ideas to make a dozen movies.      source
Small Gods book cover
Small Gods
Terry Pratchett - 2013-10-29 (first published in 1992)
Goodreads Rating
The thirteenth Discworld novel.Religion is a controversial business in the Discworld. Everyone has their own opinion, and indeed their own gods. Who comes in all shapes and sizes. In such a competitive environment, there is a pressing need to make one's presence felt. And it's certainly not remotely helpful to be reduced to be appearing in the form...
Laurie Voss
@danjnj The very first Discworld book is kind of a "pilot" that isn't really the same as the rest of the books. Try Small Gods, a stand-alone Discworld book that is among his very best and doesn't require any knowledge of previous books.      source