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Safi Bahcall

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Safi R. Bahcall is an American physicist, technologist, business executive, and author.
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Essays After Eighty book cover
Essays After Eighty
Donald Hall - 2014-12-02
Goodreads Rating
These essays offer a witty and insightful look at aging and the writing life. Donald Hall, a celebrated poet and author, reflects on his past and present, from his terrifying thirties to his newfound love of testosterone in his eighties. He also writes lovingly of his ancestral farm and his daily writing routine. Alternately lyrical and humorous, Essays After Eighty is a delightful and inspiring treasure.
Safi Bahcall
Has incredible word choice and rhythm and pacing.      source
Joyful Wisdom book cover
Joyful Wisdom
Embracing Change and Finding Freedom
Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche - 2009-04-07
Goodreads Rating
"Joyful Wisdom" by a celebrated Tibetan meditation master offers a third option to the age-old problem of anxiety: befriend your emotions and problems, transform your experience into deeper insight, and reach an enduring authentic experience of inherent wisdom, confidence, clarity, and joy. Divided into three parts, the book identifies sources of our unease, describes meditation methods, and applies these methods to common emotional, physical, and personal issues. With its compelling, witty, and informed insight, this work is wise, anecdotal, funny, and graced with the author's irresistible charm.
Safi Bahcall
I’ve probably given Joyful Wisdom to more people than I can count. It essentially captures the idea of making friends with your thoughts, rather than trying to suppress them.      source
The Art of Learning book cover
The Art of Learning
An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance
Josh Waitzkin - 2007-05-08
Goodreads Rating
"The Art of Learning" is a riveting book that shares the principles of learning and performance from two-time world champion Josh Waitzkin. Through heart-stopping martial arts and tense chess face-offs, Waitzkin takes readers on a journey to excellence, revealing how a well-thought-out, principled approach to learning separates success from failure. He shares how to embrace defeat and channel emotions into creative fuel, turn weaknesses into strengths, and achieve peak performance in any competitive or professional circumstance. Learn from Waitzkin's life lessons in this page-turning narrative.
Safi Bahcall
I actually loved The Art of Learning.      source
How Life Imitates Chess book cover
How Life Imitates Chess
Garry Kasparov - 2007-01-01 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the strategic parallels between life and chess in this inspiring book by a legendary chess player. Delve into lessons both personal and professional, as the author shares his own experiences and draws from the worlds of politics and business.
Safi Bahcall
The author is the longest-reigning chess champion in history. He wrote How Life Imitates Chess where he breaks down what he did.      source
The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov book cover
The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov
Vladimir Nabokov - 1996-12-09 (first published in 1995)
Goodreads Rating
This collection of sixty-five tales, written by the famed author of Lolita and Pale Fire, offers readers a glimpse into the many shades of Nabokov's imagination. Ranging from fables to horror, and even including eleven stories translated into English for the first time, it's a testament to the genius of the master storyteller's devious wit and ability to turn language into an instrument of ecstasy. Whether you're a fan or new to Nabokov, The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov is sure to delight and shock in equal measure.
Safi Bahcall
When I opened The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov up to at random page, and I started reading his sentences, my jaw dropped. I didn’t know the English language could do that.      source