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Lee Stranahan


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Lee Stranahan is an American journalist and broadcaster who, as of 2017, was working for Sputnik, a Russian government-controlled news agency. He previously worked for Breitbart News, and has written for The Huffington Post and Daily Kos. Before his career in journalism, he was a television producer, illustrator, and erotic photographer.
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JFK and the Unspeakable
Why He Died and Why It Matters
James W. Douglass - Oct 19, 2010 (first published in 2008)
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The acclaimed book Oliver Stone called the best account I have read of this tragedy and its significance, JFK and the Unspeakable details not just how the conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy was carried out, but WHY it was doneand why it still matters today.At the height of the Cold War, JFK risked committing the greatest crime in h...
Lee Stranahan
Oct 21, 2019
Brilliant book, and I may expand my CIA thread from a few weeks ago with excerpts from it.     source
Zero to One
Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future
Peter Thiel - Sep 16, 2014
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If you want to build a better future, you must believe in secrets.The great secret of our time is that there are still uncharted frontiers to explore and new inventions to create. In Zero to One, legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we can find singular ways to create those new things. Thiel begins with the contrarian premise t...
Lee Stranahan
Jul 31, 2019
Zero to One is a great business book.     source