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Sarah Taber

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Sarah Taber, a crop scientist and industry consultant, holds a doctorate in crop health. She is the host of the podcast Farm to Taber and is working on a book about the effect of human systems on American agriculture
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Development as Freedom book cover
Development as Freedom
Amartya Sen - 2000-01-01 (first published in 1999)
Goodreads Rating
An essential and paradigm-altering framework for understanding economic development in the twenty-first century. The Nobel Prize-winning author argues that freedom is both the end and means of sustaining economic life and securing the general welfare of the world's entire population. He demonstrates the current applicability and possibilities of freedom, releasing it from any historical or political associations. With practical and optimistic solutions for regaining social accountability in today's global economy, this book is essential reading for all.
Sarah Taber
Currently listening to Amartya Sen's "Development as Freedom" and 1) OUTSTANDING. Like economics that value human life & shit? Amartya Sen's got you covered. 2) As someone doing book edits rn it is incredibly healing. My man takes forever to say things & it's still great      source
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Max Roser
The Dawn of Everything book cover
The Dawn of Everything
A New History of Humanity
David Graeber, David Wengrow - 2021-11-09
Goodreads Rating
This groundbreaking book challenges our assumptions about social evolution and human history. The authors delve into the origins of farming, property, cities, democracy, slavery, and civilization itself, revealing unexpected and hopeful possibilities. Through research in archaeology and anthropology, they argue that human history is less set in stone than we tend to assume, and offer new ways of imagining freedom and organizing society. With formidable intellectual range and a faith in the power of direct action, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in rethinking the course of human history.
Sarah Taber
@emdubin The best we can do right now is frank talk about what the real problems ARE. Sarah Mock's book "Farm and other F Words is really good. "Braiding Sweetgrass" & "The Dawn of Everything" are great for picking out how fucked-up our idea is of how ag & society are "supposed" to look.      source
Farm book cover
The Rise and Fall of the Small Family Farm
Sarah K Mock - 2021-04-26
Goodreads Rating
We love The American Farmer. We trust them to grow our food, to be part of children’s nursery rhymes, to provide the economic backbone of rural communities, and to embody a version of the American dream....
Sarah Taber
@emdubin The best we can do right now is frank talk about what the real problems ARE. Sarah Mock's book "Farm and other F Words is really good. "Braiding Sweetgrass" & "The Dawn of Everything" are great for picking out how fucked-up our idea is of how ag & society are "supposed" to look.      source
The great beef-cattle industry of the American West was not born full grown beyond the Mississippi. It had its antecedents in the upper South, the Midwest, and the Ohio Valley, where many Texas cattlemen learned their trade. In this book Mr. Henlein tells the story of the cattle kingdom of the Ohio Valley—a kingdom which encompassed the Bluegrass r...
Sarah Taber
if you like yelling "WAT" 1-2 times a page, can't recommend this book enough white folks were doing feedlots & big estates in the Midwest basically the instant we went there. this stuff is NOT new, it's how the US has always rolled.      source
The Worm at the Core book cover
The Worm at the Core
Sheldon Solomon - 2015-05-12
Goodreads Rating
Explore the groundbreaking theory that the fear of death is the hidden driving force behind our daily decisions in this thought-provoking and fascinating book. Discover how understanding our mortality can help us live more authentically, make better choices, and overcome fear and anxiety. With beautiful writing and original ideas, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the human psyche.
Sarah Taber
@CaptainPenelope YEP this book is about existential terror & its role in driving most of human behavior, it's fantastic      source
This fascinating historical account explores the rise and fall of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union (STFU) during the Great Depression in Arkansas. The author, James Ross, uncovers the perspective of the sharecroppers and tenant farmers who made up the union's rank and file. This revisionist history sheds light on the socialist convictions of the union's leaders and its biracial membership, challenging traditional theories about the STFU's demise attributed to external factors.
Sarah Taber
just read this for book research so yeah uhhh the STFU is remembered as this amazing crusade and it was actually a giant shitshow      source
Farmers Helping Farmers book cover
Farmers Helping Farmers
The Rise of the Farm and Home Bureaus, 1914-1935
Nancy K. Berlage - 2016-07-11
Goodreads Rating
Discover how local farm and home bureau organizations played a vital role in rural America's scientific and economic development with Farmers Helping Farmers. In this insightful book, Nancy K. Berlage examines how these organizations utilized university science to improve agricultural and rural life at a local level, despite the changing landscape of the labor market in the 20th century. Berlage delves into the role farm and home bureaus played in working to implement disciplines such as agricultural economics, rural sociology and child science to address issues beyond farming practices. Highlighting the crucial impact these organizations made on American life in the early 20th century, this analysis offers an fresh look into their social, economic, cultural and political functions.
Sarah Taber
*The book is Farmers Helping Farmers It's really, really good at capturing the gender/age power dynamics inside white landowning farm families that drove "the agribusiness takeover" even though it doesn't call it that      source
Braiding Sweetgrass book cover
Braiding Sweetgrass
Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants
Robin Wall Kimmerer - 2013-10-15
Goodreads Rating
Explore the fascinating intersection of science and indigenous knowledge with Braiding Sweetgrass. Written by a botanist and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, this nature writing classic offers a unique perspective on learning from the natural world. Through memorable prose and captivating storytelling, the author reminds us of the gifts and lessons other living beings have to offer, and how we can benefit from these teachings in our daily lives. Anyone interested in natural history, botany, protecting nature, or Native American culture will love this book!
Sarah Taber
Yeah that's because most of those books are actually just sanctimonious classists pretending they're trying to fix problems. That's why they're depressing If you want a book that's actually about moving forward, "Braiding Sweetgrass" is FANTASTIC.      source
Accounting for Slavery book cover
Accounting for Slavery
Masters and Management
Caitlin Rosenthal - 2018-08-27
Goodreads Rating
Learn how Southern planter-capitalists used early forms of scientific management to turn their power over enslaved people into a productivity advantage. Accounting for Slavery challenges the traditional depiction of slavery as a barrier to innovation, revealing how elite planters employed meticulous note-taking and experiments to improve daily profits and productivity. By analyzing old accounting books from Southern and West Indian plantations, the author provides a groundbreaking investigation of business practices in relation to slavery and capitalism.
Sarah Taber
@CarolynVan Funny story, Accounting for Slavery & Scorpio are the ones that kicked the whole thing off. That book is ... just very Scorpio in the best way.      source
Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft
Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser
The Good Jobs Strategy by Zeynep Ton