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High Output Management

by Andrew S. Grove

The essential skill of creating and maintaining new businesses—the art of the entrepreneur—can be summed up in a single word: managing. In High Output Management, Andrew S. Grove, former chairman and CEO (and employee number three) of Intel, shares his perspective on how to build and run a company. Born of Grove’s experiences at one of America’s le...
Publish Date
August 29
Goodreads rating
Played a big role in shaping my management style.     source
The best book on management ever written.     source
Andy Grove, who built himself from nothing to run Intel, stopped what he was doing to teach us his magic. And not through some ghostwriter either — Andy wrote this book himself. What an incredible gift.     source
Surprisingly, I found I was already using many of the management ideas in this book (1:1, OKRs, etc) which is a testament to just how influential this book is.     source
Feb 11, 2020
His primary book source on management technique is Andy Grove’s High Output Management.     source
Feb 11, 2020
As Warren Buffett says, build a company that idiots could run because eventually they will. So this is what you want. Basically a performance machine that idiots can run. Now as a leader, what is your real job, what's your role? Strictly speaking there is only one book ever written that actually explains how to do this. It's rather old, written in 1982 by Andy Grove, it's quite famous, and successful. And his definition of what your job is, is to maximize the output of the organization.     source
Feb 11, 2020
So Andy’s book is unapologetically almost a how to manual, but kind of deconstructs the world of business into first principles. It’s like, ‘Here’s what matters. Here’s how to think about it. No one needs a degree. There’s a little bit of circumstantial contextual understanding that you just have to have.’ But basically, at the end of the day, making business is an engineering exercise, which is brilliant for me because that actually made the whole thing about becoming CEO significantly less scary to me because engineering I understand.     source
Larry Ellison considers High Output Management his bible when it comes to management concepts.     source
User-friendly guide to the art and science of management.     source
Feb 11, 2020
📚 Here are the books I recommend reading most:     source