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Shoe Dog book cover

Shoe Dog

A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Phil Knight

Discover the inspiring tale of how a young entrepreneur borrowed $50 from his father and built a global brand - Nike. In Shoe Dog, the founder and board chairman of Nike, Phil Knight, reveals the early days and evolution of the world's most iconic and profitable shoe brand. Knight's story tells of the terrifying risks, crushing setbacks, ruthless competitors, and countless doubters that he encountered along the way, but also of the thrilling triumphs and relationships that formed the heart and soul of Nike. With a shared belief in the redemptive power of sports, Phil Knight and his team created a brand and culture that changed everything.
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A refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like.      source
In stores today, the most surprising business book I've read. Almost nothing on MJ, Bo or Tiger. And it's brilliant      source
The best book I read last year. Author Phil Night, co-founder and current chairman emeritus of Nike, Inc.. He is a very wise, intelligent and competitive fellow who is also a gifted storyteller.      source
@60secondsum other two books are amazing      source
I continue to be so inspired by the collectible assets @OnRallyRd acquires. I loved the book “Shoe Dog” about foundation of Nike. And to be able to own a small share in 1-of-12 original Moon Shoes is so amazing. Not too late to buy #MoonShoe      source
Oh wow!! Just finished reading this book. I strongly recommend it to anybody thinking of starting a business or facing the headwinds and turbulence of business. Candid and sobering 👇🏽      source
If you haven't read it, it's really the best book about the history of globalization, and about the inherent challenges of financing a high-growth startup. At one point, they were growing too fast to get a bank loan. The bank wanted their top line to be growing slower.      source
This book is AMAZING.      source
@vickyfloresn Loved that book!      source
Nike wanted a shoe called Aztec, but Adidas already had the name. Phil Knight and his vp: “Who was the guy who kicked the shit out of the Aztecs?” he asked. “Cortez,” I said. He grunted. “Okay. Let’s call it the Cortez.” One of the best biz books ever:      source
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight is the best book I've ever read by a CEO The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger is just as good This might be the best book about leadership I've ever read It was fantastic and far more honest than I would've expected      source
2) This book was phenomenal! I LOVED it. I had no idea the Nike story was so interesting. It's a story about bootstrapping, adversity, finding inspiration abroad, dealing with competition, and perseverance. This is a book that everyone - incl non-entrepreneurs - would enjoy.      source
@jebus911 Shoe Dog, audio book is great      source
@TheStalwart I have written seven books. How much a book sells and how good the book is are only loosely correlated. The best recent book I have read on business is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. The best collection of business books are those written by Michael Mauboussin.      source
@Mustafaqj Love that book      source
This book is awesome. I also can’t believe Nike was almost named “Dimension Six” instead.      source
This book was recommended to me by my Middle School going kid and @WarrenBuffett Inspiring Read.      source