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Jim Cramer

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James J. Cramer is an American television personality, and host of Mad Money on CNBC. He is a former hedge fund manager as well as a best-selling author and a co-founder of
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The Last Platoon book cover
The Last Platoon
A Novel of the Afghanistan War
Bing West - 2020-12-15
Goodreads Rating
As seen on CBS This Morning Saturday! “Bing West is the grunt’s Homer.” —L.A. Times A platoon of Marines and CIA operatives clash in a fight to the death with the drug lords and the Taliban, while in Washington, the president seeks a way out.A small team of CIA operatives and Marines commanded by Captain Diego Cruz are protecting a tiny base in Hel...
Jim Cramer
@BingWest I love love love The Last Platoon, A Novel of the Afghanistan War, Bing's books this novel is the most realistic depiction of how great the grunts are. And Washington? hmmm. Read this book!      source
Winning Now, Winning Later book cover
Winning Now, Winning Later
How Companies Can Succeed in the Short Term While Investing for the Long Term
David M. Cote - 2020-06-30
Goodreads Rating
Dave Cote just delivered the War and Peace of books on corporate leadership... meet[s] the biggest challenge in corporate America: balancing the short-term success demanded by investors with sowing the seeds for rewards that will only be harvested years hence, but are essential to achieving greatness. —Fortune MagazineBusiness leaders often take ac...
Jim Cramer
You looking for something to read as the summer moves along? Try Winning Now Winning Later, by Dave Cote who took Honeywell to amazing heights when others accomplished almost nothing in the industrial space (GE) it's a brilliant book and also incredible humorous!      source
Trailblazer book cover
The Power of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change
Marc Benioff - 2019-10-15
Goodreads Rating
The founder and CEO of Salesforce reveals the secrets to building a world-class culture and offers a model for leadership that will define the most successful companies of the future.Trailblazer is Marc Benioff's answer to the one question he's most often asked: what is the secret to driving continuous growth and innovation. His answer: building a ...
Jim Cramer
I love this book and have already used it as the basis for several @MadMoneyOnCNBC segments and a talk to young entrepreneurs !!!      source
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Ray Dalio
Crime and Punishment book cover
Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoevsky - 2017-01-24 (first published in 1866)
Goodreads Rating
Raskolnikov, a destitute and desperate former student, wanders through the slums of St Petersburg and commits a random murder without remorse or regret. He imagines himself to be a great man, a Napoleon: acting for a higher purpose beyond conventional moral law. But as he embarks on a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a suspicious police investi...
Jim Cramer
It would take you more than a weekend to bank out Crime and Punishment! Great book, though      source
Fear and Loathing book cover
Fear and Loathing
On the Campaign Trail '72
Hunter S. Thompson - 1985-04-22 (first published in 1973)
Goodreads Rating
Hilarious, terrifying, insightful, and compulsively readable, these are the articles that Hunter S. Thompson wrote for Rolling Stone magazine while covering the 1972 election campaign of President Richard M. Nixon and his unsuccessful opponent, Senator George S. McGovern. Hunter focuses largely on the Democratic Party's primaries and the breakdown ...
Jim Cramer
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail was a most amazing book... Total Gonzo! Must read for all!!!      source