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Steven Pressfield


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Steven Pressfield is an American author of historical fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays.
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The Obstacle Is the Way
The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph
by Ryan Holiday (May 01, 2014)
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“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” — Marcus AureliusWe are stuck, stymied, frustrated. But it needn’t be this way. There is a formula for success that’s been followed by the icons of history—from John D. Rockefeller to Amelia Earhart to Ulysses S. Grant to Steve Jobs—a formula that let them turn obst...
Steven Pressfield
Follow these precepts and you will revolutionize your life. Read this book!     source
History of the Peloponnesian War
by Thucydides (Jan 01, 1972)
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Written four hundred years before the birth of Christ, this detailed contemporary account of the long life-and-death struggle between Athens and Sparta stands an excellent chance of fulfilling its author's ambitious claim. Thucydides himself (c.460-400 BC) was an Athenian and achieved the rank of general in the earlier stages of the war. He applied...
Steven Pressfield
It is loaded with hardcore, timeless truths and the story it tells ought to be required reading for every citizen in a democracy.     source
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