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Trisha Greenhalgh

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Patricia Mary "Trisha" Greenhalgh OBE FRCP FRCGP FMedSci is a British professor of primary health care and a practising general practitioner. Trisha Greenhalgh
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The Long Hauler's Guide to COVID-19 book cover
The Long Hauler's Guide to COVID-19
Stories and Advice from Twenty Long-Haulers and Experts
Fiona Lowenstein - 2022-11-08
Goodreads Rating
"The Long COVID Survival Guide" is a valuable patient-to-patient resource for those living with Long COVID. Over twenty contributors including, neuroscientists, artists, and patient-researchers share their stories and provide insight on navigating this uncharted territory. The guide provides vital information, from getting diagnosed to caring for mental health, and tackling employment issues. With over 200 possible symptoms, this book offers reassurance and answers to help take care of yourself and prepare for the future.
Trisha Greenhalgh
This is a good self-help book.      source
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Eric Topol
Blood and Bronze book cover
Blood and Bronze
The British Empire and the Sack of Benin
Paddy Docherty - 2021-12-01
Goodreads Rating
Discover the shocking history of the Benin Bronzes, one of the British Museum's prized possessions. Paddy Docherty's Blood and Bronze exposes the brutal imperial violence behind their plundering during the 1897 British invasion of Benin. With shocking details from archives, Docherty reveals the extent of African resistance and hidden British outrages, including a coverup of grotesque sexual crimes. This definitive account of the destruction of Benin demolishes moral arguments for Britain to keep the Bronzes and makes a passionate case for their repatriation to Nigeria.
Trisha Greenhalgh
Thanks @paddydocherty for this book on why it’s time for the @britishmuseum to return the Benin Bronzes to Nigeria. Some shocking stories in here.      source
Caring for Muslim Patients book cover
Caring for Muslim Patients
Aziz Sheikh - 2000-01-01
Discover how to provide culturally appropriate care to Muslim patients with a comprehensive guide that covers practical and ethical issues. Gain insight into the Islamic world and its views on health and disease, while also learning about Muslim practices and customs relevant to healthcare. This book offers valuable advice for anyone interested in providing quality care to Muslim patients.
Trisha Greenhalgh
@Ozbilgin The deeply religious understand the world *through* religion, so understanding their religion is our first step to engaging. I was inspired many years ago by @DrAzizSheikh’s book ‘Caring for Muslim patients’. Was GP to Orthodox Jews for 12 years.      source
The Pandemic Within book cover
The Pandemic Within
Policy Making for a Better World
Hendrik Wagenaar, Barbara Prainsack - 2021-09-22
Discover a thought-provoking book that blends moral imagination and social-political analysis to address the defects COVID-19 has exposed in our political-economic order. Uncover how contemporary societies struggle to imagine and implement better practices due to hegemony and complexity, along with feasible solutions to build a sustainable and democratic society.
Trisha Greenhalgh
Loving this insightful book. ⁦@BPrainsack⁩      source
Kite Runner book cover
Kite Runner
Khaled Hosseini - 2004-05-01 (first published in 2003)
Goodreads Rating
A young boy in Afghanistan is determined to win a kite-fighting tournament with the help of his best friend, but an unexpected event ends up destroying their relationship. Forced to flee to America, the boy eventually feels the need to return home to find redemption in a world ruled by the Taliban.
Trisha Greenhalgh
@PennyPullan @DrKhan_do It’s a phenomenal book      source
The Pain-Free Mindset book cover
The Pain-Free Mindset
7 Steps to Taking Control and Overcoming Chronic Pain
Deepak Ravindran - 2021-03-04
Goodreads Rating
There is no easy fix when it comes to chronic pain. Opioids are often the first, addictive resort and surgery rarely achieves the pain free outcome promised. But while there is no single fix, there is a way out and it starts with your mindset. This is the powerful approach of The Pain-Free Mindset, where NHS pain consultant Dr Ravindran brings his ...
Trisha Greenhalgh
It’s a very good book.      source
The Murder of Professor Schlick book cover
The Murder of Professor Schlick
The Rise and Fall of the Vienna Circle
David Edmonds - 2020-10-13
Goodreads Rating
Explore the story of a group of brilliant philosophers in Vienna during a dark time in Europe's history. Follow the rise and fall of the Vienna Circle, led by the philosopher Moritz Schlick, and their philosophical movement to eliminate metaphysics and pseudoscience. Learn about the influential members of the group, including Ludwig Wittgenstein and Karl Popper, and their championing of logical empiricism. Discover why their philosophy was seen as a threat by the Austro-fascists and the Nazis during the outbreak of World War II. Delve into the true story of the murder of Professor Schlick, and how it impacted the Vienna Circle and their legacy. David Edmonds' The Murder of Professor Schlick is an enthralling must-read for philosophy enthusiasts and history buffs alike.
Trisha Greenhalgh
This is a great book @DavidEdmonds100      source
Breathtaking book cover
the UK’s human story of Covid
Rachel Clarke - 2021-01-28
Goodreads Rating
How does it feel to confront a pandemic from the inside, one patient at a time? To bridge the gulf between a perilously unwell patient in quarantine and their distraught family outside? To be uncertain whether the protective equipment you wear fits the science or the size of the government stockpile? To strive your utmost to maintain your humanity ...
Trisha Greenhalgh
Order this book. It’s incredible. The story of the first 4 months of Covid-19 in the UK, told by ⁦@doctor_oxford⁩, possibly medicine’s greatest living writer. This will be the book of the film, the memoir that will endure, the tribute to all who served and all who died.      source
DearLife book cover
Rachel Clarke - 2020-01-30
Goodreads Rating
"Dear Life" by Rachel Clarke is a poignant and uplifting memoir about the importance of human connection in palliative medicine. As a specialist in end-of-life care, Clarke brings comfort to those nearing the end of their lives, but when her own father is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she discovers that nothing can prepare you for the pain of losing someone you love. Despite this, she argues that hospices offer more of what matters in life: love, strength, kindness, joy, tenderness, grace, and compassion. This book is a powerful love letter to the people, profession, and preciousness of life.
Trisha Greenhalgh
This is the book of the year. And I got the autograph of the year. So impressed by your work, fellow Ladydoc @doctor_oxford.      source
Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo
Practice-based Evidence for Healthcare by John Gabbay
The Dispossessed by Ursula K. le Guin