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Dan Snow

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Daniel Robert Snow MBE is an English popular historian and television presenter.
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The Price of Glory book cover
The Price of Glory
Verdun 1916
Alistair Horne - 1994-01-01 (first published in 1962)
Goodreads Rating
This book delves into the great rivalry between France and Germany during the First World War, focusing specifically on the devastating ten-month-long battle at Verdun where at least 700,000 men fell. Author Alistair Horne provides a sympathetic study of the battle and the men who fought there, making this an essential read for anyone interested in understanding the key events of the First World War. With its brilliantly written narrative that is both compelling and informative, this classic work is a must-read for history buffs all over the world.
Dan Snow
@BriW74 Wonderful book.      source
The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho book cover
The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho
A Novel
Paterson Joseph - 2023-04-11 (first published in 2022)
Goodreads Rating
Step into the life of Charles Ignatius Sancho, a little-known Black writer and composer, through an illuminating and witty polemic. This brilliant tale charts his life in Regency London, from his early years to his rise as an important historical figure. Candid and characterful, this book offers an opportunity to revive the legacy of a remarkable man to a wider audience.
Dan Snow
This is a wonderful book by a ridiculously talented man.      source
All for Nothing book cover
All for Nothing
Walter Kempowski - 2018-02-13 (first published in 2006)
Goodreads Rating
Set in East Prussia during January of 1945, All for Nothing tells the tale of the von Globig family as the German army retreats and the Red Army approaches. As strange visitors begin to arrive at their manor house, life continues for the family much like before. Until the events they never allowed themselves to imagine come to pass. This novel by Walter Kempowski is a poignant reminder of the heartbreak felt by many families during World War II.
Dan Snow
This book is so good I woke up at 5 to finish it:      source
Blitzed book cover
Drugs in the Third Reich
Norman Ohler - 2016-11-22 (first published in 2015)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the truth behind the Nazi's widespread use of drugs during WWII. Norman Ohler's gripping book reveals the shocking prevalence of cocaine, heroin, morphine, and most notably, crystal meth, that permeated the entire Third Reich. Learn how drugs contributed to troop resilience and even potentially explained German victory in 1940. With dangerous drug use at the highest levels impairing decision-making, Ohler's book sheds new light on events of the Second World War. Don't miss this crucial missing piece of history.
Dan Snow
@wbuxtonofficial Such a remarkable story. Loved that book      source
A Million Years in a Day book cover
A Million Years in a Day
A Curious History of Everyday Life from the Stone Age to the Phone Age
Greg Jenner - 2015-01-29
Goodreads Rating
A Million Years in a Day takes you on a journey through human history, exploring the fascinating origins of our daily rituals, from cleaning our teeth to bedtime rituals. Through Roman rubbish bins, Egyptian tombs, and Victorian sewers, Greg Jenner provides a delightful and entertaining study of the development of human routine. This book is a treasure trove of historical delights that will leave you pondering the story of your life, a million years in the making. From the Wall Street Journal: "It would be a staggeringly learned person who could not glean anything new from this work." As Dr. Peter Frankopan, author of THE SILK ROADS: A NEW HISTORY OF THE WORLD says, "One of my all-time favorite books about history: erudite, witty and packed with things you've never thought about."
Dan Snow
I'm reading my oldest her first adult history book and chose @greg_jenner's Million Years in a Day. It's really good. Proper popular history built on a foundation of meticulous research.      source
The Allure of Battle book cover
The Allure of Battle
A History of How Wars Have Been Won and Lost
Cathal J. Nolan - 2017-02-01
Goodreads Rating
Explore the true nature of warfare and the role of battles in victory with this insightful book. From Marathon to Stalingrad, the author challenges the idea that decisive battles determined the outcome of wars. Instead, he maps the descent into total war and shows how victory was often decided by prolonged stalemate and attrition. This masterful work places battles in the context of the wider conflict to correct distorted views of their role in wars. Accessible, provocative, exhaustive, and illuminating, The Allure of Battle will spark fresh debate about the history and conduct of warfare.
Dan Snow
@Iainbking Agreed. Frederick the Great and Napoleon bear a lot of the blame. Wonderful book: 'The allure of battle.'      source
Socrates in Love book cover
Socrates in Love
The Making of a Philosopher
Armand D’angour - 2019-05-07
Goodreads Rating
Explore the enigmatic life of Socrates in this innovative biography that sheds new light on the philosopher's formative journey. Classicist Armand D'Angour uncovers the passions and motivations that transformed Socrates into the first and greatest philosopher. With neglected sources, D'Angour reveals the identity of the woman who inspired Socrates to pursue a new way of thinking about existence, presenting a figure of Socrates that has never been seen before — a heroic warrior, an athletic wrestler and dancer, and a passionate lover.
Dan Snow
Lovely book:      source
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Nigel Warburton
A Tale of Two Cities book cover
A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens - 2003-01-01 (first published in 1859)
Goodreads Rating
Experience the French Revolution through the eyes of several characters in this literary classic. Set in London and Paris, the novel depicts the struggle of the French peasantry against the oppressive aristocracy and the brutality demonstrated towards the former aristocrats in the early years of the revolution. With over 200 million copies sold, this historical masterpiece is a must-read for lovers of classic literature.
Dan Snow
Today in 1859 the final instalment of Dickens' 'Tale of Two Cities' was published. One of the best selling books of all time. I was once lucky enough to hold a first edition.      source
Sapiens book cover
A Brief History of Humankind
Yuval Noah Harari - 2015-01-01 (first published in 2011)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the story of human history, from the first humans to walk the earth to today's modern society. Explore how we came to believe in gods, nations, and human rights, and how our societies were shaped by the Cognitive, Agricultural, and Scientific Revolutions. Sapiens covers it all, using insights from biology, anthropology, paleontology, and economics to challenge our beliefs about what it means to be human. Are we happier now than we were before? Can we change our behavior and influence the future? Dr. Yuval Noah Harari's provocative and wide-ranging book will challenge the way you think about our species and our place in the world.
Dan Snow
I'm sitting on Miami Beach in the sun reading this excellent book, drinking rosé, listening to cheesy 90s R&B. 2016 has a kiss in its tail      source
Dreadnought by Robert K. Massie