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Best Books on Introverts

Recommendations from 20 articles, Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Lena Dunham and 55 others.
Best Books on Introverts
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Quiet book cover
The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
Susan Cain - Jan 29, 2013 (first published in 2012)
Goodreads Rating
At least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over working in teams. It is to introverts—Rosa Parks, Chopin, Dr. Seuss, Steve Wozniak—that we owe many of the great contributions to society.In Quiet, Susan...
Introvert Power book cover
Introvert Power
Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength
Laurie Helgoe - Feb 01, 2013
Goodreads Rating
EMBRACE THE POWER INSIDE YOU Are you an introvert? Psychologist and introvert Laurie Helgoe reveals that more than half of all Americans are. Introverts gain energy and power through reflection and solitude. Our culture, however, is geared toward the extrovert. The pressure to enjoy parties, chatter, and interactions can lead people to think that a...
The Introvert Advantage book cover
The Introvert Advantage
How Quiet People Can Thrive in an Extrovert World
Marti Olsen Laney - Feb 01, 2002
Goodreads Rating
Do you "zone out" if too much is going on? Are you energised by spending time alone? In meetings, do you need to be asked for your opinions and ideas? Do you tend to notice details that other people miss? Is your ideal celebration a small get-together, rather than a big party? Do you often feel like a tortoise surrounded by hares? The good news is,...
The Secret Lives of Introverts book cover
The Secret Lives of Introverts
Inside Our Hidden World
Jenn Granneman - Aug 01, 2017
Goodreads Rating
An introvert guide and manifesto for all the quiet ones—and the people who love them.Is there a hidden part of you that no one else sees? Do you have a vivid inner world of thoughts and emotions that your peers and loved ones can’t seem to access? Have you ever been told you’re too “quiet,” “shy,” “boring,” or “awkward”? Are your habits and comfort...
The Introvert Entrepreneur book cover
The Introvert Entrepreneur
Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms
Beth Buelow - Nov 03, 2015
Goodreads Rating
A practical guide to help introverts harness their natural gifts and entrepreneurial spirit   Think you have to be loud and brash to be successful in business? Think again. The strengths and traits of the typical introvert lend themselves well to entrepreneurship, as well as “intrapreneurship” and a range of business roles. In The Introvert Entrepr...
The Perks of Being a Wallflower book cover
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Stephen Chbosky - Aug 14, 2012 (first published in 1999)
Goodreads Rating
The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a story about what its like to travel that strange course through the uncharted territory of high school. The world of first dates, family dramas, and new friends. Of sex, drugs, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Of those wild and poignant roller-coaster days known as growing up. The Perks of Being a Wallflower i...
Recommended by
Jamie GraysonJenn Im
Introvert Doodles book cover
Introvert Doodles
An Illustrated Look at Introvert Life in an Extrovert World
Maureen Marzi Wilson - Dec 02, 2016
Goodreads Rating
"Marzi's charming and irreverent illustrations are exactly what young and old introverts need to approach their temperament with wisdom and self-affirmation." --Susan Cain, author of "Quiet" Whoever said there's strength in numbers lied. Meet Marzi. She's an introvert who often finds herself in awkward situations. Marzi used to feel strange about h...
The Awakened Introvert book cover
The Awakened Introvert
Practical Mindfulness Skills to Help You Maximize Your Strengths and Thrive in a Loud and Crazy World (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)
Arnie Kozak - May 01, 2015
Goodreads Rating
Introverts are powerful observers and creators. If you are an introvert, this book will show you how to tap into your inherent introvert strengths and “awaken” your potential using mindfulness meditations and cognitive behavioral techniques.  In a world that favors the outgoing, gregarious extrovert, being an introvert can be difficult. But the tru...
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book cover
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Stieg Larsson - Jan 06, 2009 (first published in 2005)
Goodreads Rating
The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the new book in the Millennium Series, is available now!Murder mystery, family saga, love story, and financial intrigue combine into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric novel.Harriet Vanger, a scion of one of Sweden's wealthiest families disappeared over forty years ago. All these years later, her a...
Recommended by
Imani Gandy
Jane Eyre book cover
Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë - Apr 04, 2017 (first published in 1847)
Goodreads Rating
Clicca qui per l'edizione "Storie senza tempo".Orphaned as a child, Jane has felt an outcast her whole young life. Her courage is tested once again when she arrives at Thornfield Hall, where she has been hired by the brooding, proud Edward Rochester to care for his ward Adèle. Jane finds herself drawn to his troubled yet kind spirit. She falls in l...
Recommended by
Shonda Rhimes
The Introvert's Edge book cover
The Introvert's Edge
How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone
Matthew Owen Pollard - Jan 04, 2018
Goodreads Rating
An introvert? Great at sales? YES. Sales is a skill anyone can learn and master — and introverts are especially good at it once they learn how to leverage their natural strengths.Introverts aren’t comfortable with traditional tactics like aggressively pushing a product or talking over a customer’s objections. That’s the beauty of The Introvert’s Ed...
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Quiet Power by Susan Cain
Quiet Influence by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler
The Introvert's Way by Sophia Dembling
The Irresistible Introvert by Michaela Chung
Introverts in Love by Sophia Dembling
The Martian by Andy Weir
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur C Doyle
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig
The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson
Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow
The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
Persuasion by Jane Austen
Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt
You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come by Jessica Pan
The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron
Confident You by S J Scott
The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison
Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith