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Nick Ganju

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Nick Ganju is a founder at ZocDoc and leads strategic initiatives that address some of the company's most impactful opportunities. He helped build ZocDoc because he believes that the power of technology can bring about a more efficient healthcare system.
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How Not to Be Wrong book cover
How Not to Be Wrong
The Power of Mathematical Thinking
Jordan Ellenberg - 2014-05-29
Goodreads Rating
Discover the hidden beauty and logic of the world through math in How Not to Be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg. Math isn't just a dull set of rules, but a tool that touches everything we do. With this knowledge, we can see through to the true meaning of information we take for granted, and understand the world in a deeper, more meaningful way. Ellenberg chases mathematical threads through a vast range of time and space, from the everyday to the cosmic, exposing the hard-won insights of the academic community to the layman - minus the jargon. Are you ready to multiply your common sense?
Nick Ganju
Written for an audience of people who have historically been intimidated by math and introduces things in a very simple way, and then works up to more complex concepts.      source
Don't Make Me Think book cover
Don't Make Me Think
A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
Steve Krug - 2013-12-24 (first published in 2000)
Goodreads Rating
Discover the timeless principles of intuitive navigation and information design with this classic guide, relied on by over 400,000 web designers and developers since its first publication in 2000. In this 3rd edition, Steve Krug offers fresh perspective, updated examples, and a new chapter on mobile usability, while retaining the short, profusely illustrated, and fun to read style that has made this book a must-read for anyone working on websites. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, this book will show you why it's essential for web designers and developers alike.
Nick Ganju
About usability and making software and user interfaces that are friendly to people.      source
How to Measure Anything book cover
How to Measure Anything
Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business
Douglas W. Hubbard - 2007-08-03 (first published in 1985)
Goodreads Rating
Discover how to measure anything with this practical guide that challenges common misconceptions about measurement and measurement methods. Learn how to measure a variety of intangibles, including customer satisfaction, organizational flexibility, technology risk, technology ROI, and more. This new edition includes updated material and new measurement methods, making it a valuable tool for risk management and improving customer satisfaction.
Nick Ganju
About being outcome-based and getting these measurable outcomes.      source
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Julia Galef
Getting to Yes book cover
Getting to Yes
Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
Roger Fisher - 1992-01-01 (first published in 1981)
Goodreads Rating
This informative guide tackles the topic of negotiation as a vital part of daily life. It teaches how to effectively and powerfully negotiate, preventing stubborn haggling, and ensuring mutual problem-solving. The jargon-free principles presented by Fisher and Ury will help guide you to success in any negotiation.
Nick Ganju
I love Getting to Yes.      source