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Chris Messina

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Chris Messina is the inventor of the hashtag as it is currently used on social media platforms. Chris is a product consultant and digital nomad, travels the world speaking about social technology, product design, founder culture and mental fitness.
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Super Pumped book cover
Super Pumped
The Battle for Uber
Mike Isaac - 2019-09-03
Goodreads Rating
In June 2017, Travis Kalanick, the hard-charging CEO of Uber, was ousted in a boardroom coup that capped a brutal year for the transportation giant. Uber had catapulted to the top of the tech world, yet for many came to symbolize everything wrong with Silicon Valley.Award-winning New York Times technology correspondent Mike Isaac’s Super Pumped pre...
Batwoman book cover
Elegy New Edition
Greg Rucka - 2019-09-10 (first published in 2010)
Goodreads Rating
A formidable foe is sucking Gotham into her dark fantasy, only Batwoman can bring a madwoman back to reality and save the city!A madwoman known only as "Alice" is terrorizng Gotham. Inspired by "Alice in Wonderland", Alice sees her life as a fairy-tale fantasy, and everyone around her just as expendable as shadows in a dream. Batwoman must stop Ali...
The State of Affairs book cover
The State of Affairs
Rethinking Infidelity
Esther Perel - 2018-10-09 (first published in 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Iconic couples’ therapist and bestselling author of Mating in Captivity Esther Perel returns to paperback with a provocative look at relationships through the lens of infidelity.An affair: it can rob a couple of their relationship, their happiness, their very identity. And yet, this extremely common human experience is so poorly understood. What ar...
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Lauren Greenfield book cover
Lauren Greenfield
Generation Wealth
Lauren Greenfield - 2017-05-15
Goodreads Rating
A highly anticipated monograph from the internationally acclaimed documentary photographer and filmmakerLauren Greenfield: Generation Wealth is both a retrospective and an investigation into the subject of wealth over the last twenty-five years. Greenfield has traveled the world - from Los Angeles to Moscow, Dubai to China - bearing witness to the ...
Saga Book Two book cover
Saga Book Two
Brian K Vaughan - 2017-05-02
Goodreads Rating
At long last, it’s finally time for the second hardcover collection of Saga, the New York Times best-selling series praised by everyone from Alan Moore to Lin-Manuel Miranda!Created by the multiple Eisner Award-winning team of artist Fiona Staples (Mystery Society, North 40, Archie Comics) and writer Brian K. Vaughan (The Private Eye, Paper Girls, ...
The World Is Flat 3.0 book cover
The World Is Flat 3.0
A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century
Thomas L. Friedman - 2007-08-07 (first published in 2005)
Goodreads Rating
A New Edition of the Phenomenal #1 Bestseller"One mark of a great book is that it makes you see things in a new way, and Mr. Friedman certainly succeeds in that goal," the Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz wrote in The New York Times reviewing The World Is Flat in 2005. In this new edition, Thomas L. Friedman includes fresh stories and insights to ...
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State of Denial book cover
State of Denial
Bush at War, Part III
Bob Woodward - 2006-09-30
Goodreads Rating
"Insurgents and terrorists retain the resources and capabilities to sustain and even increase current level of violence through the next year." This was the secret Pentagon assessment sent to the White House in May 2006. The forecast of a more violent 2007 in Iraq contradicted the repeated optimistic statements of President Bush, including one, two...
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance book cover
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
An Inquiry into Values
Robert M Pirsig - 2006-04-25 (first published in 1974)
Goodreads Rating
Robert M. Pirsig's Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is an examination of how we live, a meditation on how to live better set around the narration of a summer motorcycle trip across America's Northwest, undertaken by a father & his young son. Robert M. Pirsig's Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is an examination of how we live, a medita...
Longitudes and Attitudes book cover
Longitudes and Attitudes
The World in the Age of Terrorism
Thomas L. Friedman - 2003-08-12 (first published in 2002)
Goodreads Rating
From the Pulitzer Prizewinning New York Times columnist and bestselling author of From Beirut to Jerusalem and The Lexus and the Olive Tree comes this smart, penetrating, brilliantly informed book that is indispensable for understanding todays radically new world and Americas complex place in it.Thomas L. Freidman received his third Pulitzer Prize ...
How to Be an Adult in Relationships book cover
How to Be an Adult in Relationships
The Five Keys to Mindful Loving
David Richo - 2002-06-18
Goodreads Rating
"Most people think of love as a feeling," says David Richo, "but love is not so much a feeling as a way of being present." In this book, Richo offers a fresh perspective on love and relationshipsone that focuses not on finding an ideal mate, but on becoming a more loving and realistic person. Drawing on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness, How to B...
Bad Blood book cover
Bad Blood
John Carreyrou - 2020-01-28
The Truth by Neil Strauss
Dreamland by Sam Quinones
The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual by Sean Muldoon
Saga, Vol. 5 by Brian K. Vaughan
Saga, Vol. 4 by Brian K. Vaughan
Spineless by Susan Middleton
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Saga, Vol. 3 by Brian K Vaughan
THE SECRET SOCIETY by Christian Alexander
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Attached by Amir Levine
In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson
Neutra. Complete Works by Barbara Lamprecht
Daemon by Daniel Suarez
Hubris by Michael Isikoff
The Importance Of Living by Lin Yutang
Psychotherapy East & West by Alan W Watts